VINDIBA BENEDICTA ADAMA is a renowned Ghanaian fashion designer, entrepreneur and the founder of VindibaShapes.

Having launched her career in 2007, she has blazed a trail with her unique approach to designing lively and colorful prints.

Vindiba enrolled in Bolga Technical Institute and studied fashion design. She launched her iconic label after taking year and half’s course in fashion designing at Abi Fashion School at Nungua in Accra, Ghana.

Her talented story began right from infancy, when she started showing signs of being a fashion designer. As a child, she made baby clothes for herself and childhood friends.

Effortless beauty and elegance is Vindiba’s Vision and it has reflected in the years she has been in the fashion industry.

Vindiba has played major roles in numerous events such as the Exopa Week whose aim was to showcase the very best of Ghanaian fashion. She has been instrumental in making Ghanaian fashion industry shine. There is no doubt that Vindiba’s journey so far is the beginning of the future success that awaits her in the Ghanaian fashion scene.

Unlike other fashion designers who may not take into consideration the quality of materials to be used in in making clothing, Vindiba Fashions takes into consideration goes the step beyond to select the best material and quality fabrics for her designs.

We consider:

– The quality of the fabric

– Texture

– Beauty and artistic design

– Durability of materials

The company recently moved into the upcycle and recycled products space. We want to keep our environment clean and healthy. The new product line has been our best-selling this year.

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